Guns 'n Roses Slotmachine

Despite being launched in 2016, the guns and roses slot game has proven to be one of the most popular games in the realm of online casinos aside from the sic-bo game เกมไฮโล. A big part of this popularity stems from its association with the rock and roll Hall of Famers, Guns and Roses. The branded slot game was released to celebrate the 30 year anniversary for the legendary hard rock band. The game is developed by NetEnt (Net Entertainment), one of the biggest (if not the biggest) names in virtual slot game development on a global scale.

In terms of gameplay, there is nothing particularly complicated about the guns and roses slot game. Once the game loads, you will notice that it has five reels and a ‘spin’ button. From these five reels, there are 20 pay-line combinations (both horizontally and vertically) which will reward you. The minimum stake that you can bet per spin is 0.02 pounds (2 pence) and the maximum stake you can bet per spin is 100 pounds. The maximum payout (jackpot) that you can win per spin is 2000 pounds.

While some slot games offer much higher jackpot payouts, the guns and roses slot game offers more pay-lines. This means that you are more likely to win something on this game than on the games that offer larger jackpots. Another defining feature for the game is the music soundtrack that it offers. As an officially licensed game, you can enjoy some of the greatest Guns and Roses hits while having a spin.

Apart from the guns and roses’ soundtracks, the overall visual layout of the game is set against a concert stage backdrop. Throughout the game screen, there are visual elements that are closely related to the band. This means that the combination of the visuals and soundtracks gives you a concert feel when you are playing the game. It is highly recommended that you play the game with a high-resolution screen and a capable sound system to fully enjoy this custom made gaming environment.

If you are not yet sufficiently impressed, then you need to consider the numerous bonuses that are offered throughout the game. There are a number of random features that could pop up in the game at any point. They include the multiplier symbols which could multiply your winnings, the highest multiplier multiplies your winnings tenfold (x10). You can also get a ‘wild’ which is the guns and roses symbol that can stand for any symbol that is missing to complete a pay-line. You can also get the ‘legendary spin’ which has a higher chance of generating the wild symbol which increases your chances of winning.

In terms of bonus games, there is the bonus wheel which is filled with multiple prizes. Most of these are cash prizes ranging all the way from 1000 pounds to 100 pounds. There are some points on the wheel which are marked ‘encore’, these give you an extra spin on the wheel. The game also features some combinations which give you free additional spins rather than a cash payout.